Project Details

Project Name: Conducted Environmental Assessment
Country: None Listed
Description: A Phase I Environmental Assessment was previously conducted on property located in the downtown area of Charlottesville. The conclusion of the Phase I assessment, based on a review of the present and past uses, ownership and activities of the property and adjacent properties, and an inspection of the property, there appeared to be some indications of potential environmental concern with the property. The primary areas of concern were: prior uses of the property; prior uses of abutting and vicinity properties; and that the property may have been impacted by a release or releases of petroleum or other regulated substances. In addition to the Phase I assessment, there were conducted Soil and Foundation Investigations conducted on the property. During these investigations, what appeared to be petroleum odors in a few of the soil borings were detected. Petroleum odors in soil are an environmental concern. Therefore, it was recommended that a Phase II assessment be conducted on the property, to address the issue of actual contamination of the property. Additional soil borings, sampling, and analyses were conducted to assess the extent of the contamination on the property.

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