Project Details

Project Name: Regulatory Compliance
Country: USA
Description: Provided consultant services to close USTs as per Virginia regulations. The client was notified by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) that the Site Characterization Report Addendum prepared and submitted by our office in December 1993 had been reviewed. Based on the report, the case was being considered for closure. However, the report indicated that underground storage tanks were still in the ground at the store. Before the case could be closed DEQ required that the tanks be registered and that documentation of closure be submitted to DEQ. The site characterization report identified four underground storage tanks on the property. One of the tanks had been filled with sand. Therefore, this project was for the removal of the other three tanks. In addition to the tanks any piping associated with the tanks would also be removed. The actual tank removal and disposal was by a subcontractor under our supervision. The appropriate forms and reports were filed with the Virginia DEQ.

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