Project Details

Project Name: WWTP Design for Fiberboard Manufacturer
Country: USA
Description: The client is a leading fiberboard manufacturer that has historically experienced problems complying with wastewater discharge permit limits for aquatic toxicity. After years of studies by their own company, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other consultants, a method of compliance was not determined. Extensive laboratory and pilot scale treatabilitiy studies were performed examining chemical precipitation, chemical coagulation, activated carbon adsorption and biological treatment to address toxicity concerns. It was determined that the toxicity was being caused by toxic organic compounds present in trace amounts and a biological treatment system was developed. This system required the use of co-substrates to effectively remove the toxic compounds. The results were presented to DEQ, and approval was obtained for the process. Assisted in the negotiation of a compliance schedule for construction of facilities. Due to the low concentration of biodegradable material present in the wastewater, bacterial growth and treatment could not be sustained without supplement substrate feed. A cosubstrate process was developed using waste product from another industry which is high in biodegradable organic content. Based on the results of these studies, the design of a 300,000 gpd wastewater treatment system was provided. The design included the addition of sequencing batch reactors for activated sludge biological treatment to an existing physical-chemical treatment system. Other design improvements included: an HDPE-lined 350,000 gallon influent equalization basin with two floating mixers, an influent transfer pump station utilizing two submersible centrifugals, a control building with chemical storage/feed systems and an electrical and control room, a 7,500 gallon outdoor FRP bulk storage tank with variable speed mixer, a positive displacement blower system, a 75,000 gallon effluent equalization basin with floating flow equalization decanter, and the entire electrical and control system. Also provided were construction administration services including: preparation of bid documents, prebid meetings, bid evaluation, shop drawing review, site inspections, approval of payment requests, engineer’s certification and other services as requested. The facilities were successfully placed into operation and acute toxicity has been completely eliminated.

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