Project Details

Project Name: WWTP Design for Military Base
Country: Caroline
Description: Design services were provided for the design of a 0.53 mgd extended aeration sewage treatment plant. The facilities were designed to treated highly variable and intermittent flows from 6 individual Army training camps at Fort A. P. Hill. The design included the conversion of two existing 1.5 MG aeration lagoons to equalization basins; the design of three extended aeration basins (biological treatment with single stage nitrogen removal) that could be operated in series or parallel; two 35' diameter clarifiers; continuous backwash filters; an ultra violet disinfection unit; a parshall flume for flow measurement; a cascade type post aeration channel; a return sludge pump station with dual pumps; aerobic digester; porous asphalt sludge drying beds; lime storage and feed facilities; and a controls and laboratory building.

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