Project Details

Project Name: NPDES permit
Country: USA
Description: The project was a long-term study in response to NPDES permit conditions for the wastewater treatment plant owned by a leading textile manufacturer in Virginia. The facility discharged to a local reservoir approximately two miles downstream of a nearby stream. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality had been computing the allowable mass of discharged pollutants at this facility with a model which did not apply to reservoirs. We were engaged to develop a suitable model and offer the results to Virginia as an alternate model to the current model. During the project, Virginia asked us to complete the project a year ahead of schedule in order to meet a new deadline established by Virginia. The study was formulated in two phases and the project was completed within the revised time constraints to comply with Virginia's request. The model constructed is suited to the characteristics of the reservoir and indicates the discharges currently permitted do not adversely impact the natural processes of the water column. The work involved literature search for pertinent available data, field sampling, laboratory analyses and computer modeling.

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