Project Details

Project Name: Evaluation of Color Removal Alternatives for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Wastewater
Country: USA
Description: Due to aesthetic concerns regarding color discharged from the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), methods of reducing color were evaluated. Color removal and reduction alternatives were evaluated at the manufacturing site and at the wastewater treatment plant. In-plant studies were performed to identify and quantify the color from various point sources within the manufacturing facility and to determine the most effective approach for segregated wastestream treatment. Once the wastestreams were characterized, treatability studies were performed. In addition, treatability studies were performed on WWTP final effluent samples. Chemical coagulation, chlorination, ozonation and activated carbon adsorption were evaluated. The most cost effective alternative was found to be chlorination and dechlorination following biological treatment at the existing POTW. Full scale facilities have been designed and placed into operation based on the studies performed.

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