Project Details

Project Name: Textile Dyeing and Finishing Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
Country: USA
Description: Due to projected increases in production, a leading textile manufacturer anticipated increased flows and loadings to their 2.0 mgd extended aeration wastewater treatment plant. An evaluation of the dyeing and finishing wastewater treatment facilities was performed and a preliminary engineering report (PER) was developed detailing design modification required to upgrade the facilities to accommodate increased organic loading and flows up to 3.0 mgd. The PER covered all aspects of the operations including: hydraulics, aeration, process control, sludge handling and physical facilities. Based on recommendations provided in the PER, the wastewater treatment plant was upgraded by the addition of a 55' diameter clarifier to handle anticipated increases in flow and solids loadings. Engineering design services were provided for this addition that included the following work: structural concrete design for clarifier incorporating equipment selected by the manufacturer and detailed in manufacturer's shop drawings, site plan development showing pertinent existing equipment and proposed equipment and piping, and pump station design to include pumphouse, pump selection, controls and all necessary piping. Engineering design services were also provided for the clarifier flow distribution system to equally split flow to two existing clarifiers and the proposed clarifier minimizing foam generation and air flotation of the sludge. Coordination of electrical design for selected equipment and controls was also provided.

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