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Project Name: Electrospinning of water-repellent depositions onto textile surfaces, and improvement of durability using atmospheric pressure plasma
Country: None Listed
Description: Repellency of fabric surfaces to water or chemical species is a critical need for many textile products. Examples potential of users include military or for those handling hazardous materials. Traditionally, water-repellent textile surfaces have been obtained by surface chemical treatments, which are often water- and chemically-intensive. More recently, repellent surfaces have been produced by the roughening of surfaces by various methods of controlling geometry. However, most of these methods are expensive, time-consuming, and/or not versatile. Electrospinning of nanofibers onto textile surfaces are quite capable of preventing penetration from many sizes of contaminants (such as chemical agents dispersed as aerosols), yet a challenge for many electrospun surfaces is that they are very sensitive to abrasion. Utilization of atmospheric pressure plasma can aid in adhesion and enhancement of covalent bonding between nanofibers and substrate, without requiring a vacuum. Atmospheric plasma also has the ability to be used in a continuous process, allowing for possible production on an industrial scale. In this research, the electrospinning of Nylon 6 nanofibers onto plasma-pretreated standard military Nylon/Cotton ripstop fabric will occur. Properties related to repellency and durability will be characterized and maximized, with the intentions of being utilized in a barrier fabric system.

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