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Project Name: Essential Frameworks of the Sustainable Textile Industry
Country: None Listed
Description: The application of sustainability within the textile industry plays a vital role in global improvement towards the consumption of materials, resources and energy (Hon, 2003). A large part of the problem is that the term “sustainability” has yet to be universally defined. This makes it difficult for companies to bridge this gap in order to assess how their textile businesses can make claims of being “sustainable.” This research is to utilize resources and the information and procedures companies will provide to identify what sustainability means to apparel firms at each level of the supply chain (fiber, textile, apparel and retail). In addition, it will explore the degree of integration of sustainable practices at each level of the supply chain. Through company interviews, surveys and field research, recommendations will be provided for apparel firms seeking entry into the environmentally sustainable textile products market. The research will provide an example framework for the apparel firms in the textile industry that they could adapt and use to increase their awareness of what it means to be a stakeholder in the sustainable textile product markets and immediately begin to implement these techniques as they see fit within their own organizations. This study will offer new insight into the sustainability performance of the textile industry, which factors are the most significant and what the most difficult practices to implement are. The end result will provide valuable market data allowing companies to develop products that fulfill sustainability requirements with added environmental, social and economic benefits.

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