Project Details

Project Name: Energy Conservation Survey
Country: USA
Description: An Energy Conservation Survey was performed. The total savings opportunities identified during the survey were $569,800. The following primary opportunities were identified and may be accomplished through utilization of plant maintenance resources: • Reduction of compressed air leaks; • Reduction of steam leaks; • Elimination of failed steam traps; • Performance of electrical rate analysis; and • Elimination of energized idle equipment The following additional opportunities were identified which will require capital investment: • Elimination of air driven cloth guides; • Utilization of automatic oxygen analyzer; • Direction of boiler combustion air from ceiling; • Performance of feasibility study of turbine generator; • Insulation of exposed steam pipes; • Utilization of Ludell wastewater heat reclaimers; • Replacement of diffused air mixing with mechanical mixing in mix basin; and • Implementation of tenter exhaust humidity control. Other recommendations were to replace light fixtures in various areas and establish a formal energy conservation program. The opportunities shared included: • Activities of the Water Conservation Team; • Current high steam pressure; • Distributive Generation; and • Ludell waste heat recovery systems. The energy survey included a review of these areas as well as a review of other energy opportunities. The Client's Plant was a mercerizing, bleaching, finishing, and printing facility. The primary equipment included singers, mercerizers, tenter frames, print ranges, doublers, and inspection frames. Energy utilization for the plant included steam, compressed air, water, and electricity. The review of energy opportunities included a compressed air generation and distribution system review, steam generation and distribution systems evaluation, waste water treatment system evaluation, and a plant walk-through to identify other energy opportunities.

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