Project Details

Project Name: Energy Conservation Survey
Country: Colombia
Description: An Energy Conservation Survey was performed. The total estimated annualized savings opportunities identified during the survey totaled $1,254,500. The Client's Plant is a vertical operation consisting of opening, carding, ring spinning, winding, sectional warping, warping, slashing, draw-in, weaving, washing, jet dyeing, beam dyeing, and finishing. The primary equipment includes: cleaning equipment, cards, ring spinning frames, winders, sectional warpers, warpers, slashers, rapier weaving machines, dye jets, beam dyeing machines, and tenter frames. Energy utilization for the plant includes diesel and coal (for thermal oil boilers), steam (supplied by the F1 plant), compressed air, water, and electricity. The typical operating schedule for the plant is 350 days per year. If it is not explained otherwise, steam, hot water system, and compressed air calculations are based on 24 hours per day since these systems are not shut down. The following primary opportunities were identified at the Pantex Plant and may be accomplished through utilization of plant maintenance resources: • Reduction of compressed air leaks; • Reduction of steam leaks; • Elimination of lighting; • Separate conditioned areas from non-conditioned areas; and • Elimination of energized idle equipment. The following additional opportunities were identified which will require capital investment: • Insulation of exposed steam pipes; • Installation of an economizer on thermal oil heaters; • Comparison of compressed air atomizers versus compressed water; • Installation of tenter humidity control; and • Modification of lighting.

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