Project Details

Project Name: Energy Conservation Survey
Country: USA
Description: An Energy Conservation Survey was performed. The total estimated annualized savings opportunities identified during the survey totaled $383,100. The review of energy opportunities included a compressed air generation and distribution system evaluation, steam generation and distribution systems evaluation, hot water system evaluation, lighting evaluation, and a plant walk-through to identify other energy saving opportunities. The following primary opportunities were identified and may be accomplished through utilization of plant maintenance resources: • Reduction of compressed air leaks; • Maintain higher condensate return fraction; • Reduction of steam leaks; • Bypass feed water pre-heater; • Separate conditioned areas from non-conditioned areas; • Elimination of energized idle equipment; • Elimination of lighting; • Performance of electrical rate analysis; • Schedule batch operations on off-peak hours; and • Implementation of an energy conservation program. The following additional opportunities were identified which will require capital investment: • Installation of automatic blow down control; • Insulation of condensate return tank; • Insulation of exposed steam pipes; • Utilization of ceiling air for boiler combustion; • Repair of steam traps; • Installation of an economizer on thermal oil heaters; • Installation of dissolved oxygen control in aeration basin; • Installation of HVAC enthalpy control; • Replacement of cooling tower; • Optimization of hot water system controls; • Insulation and covering of reclaimed cooling water tank; • Installation of dye house wastewater heat reclamation system; • Installation of tenter humidity control; • Modification of lighting; and • Implementation of data management and system optimization.

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