Project Details

Project Name: WWTP Design and Construction Services
Country: None Listed
Description: Engineering Design Services and construction services were provided for the treatment of wastewater from textile dyeing and finishing operations. Services included: design drawings, construction specification, equipment specifications, design of the WWTP Controls Systems, periodic construction management services in coordination with client's civil Construction Manager, and WWTP start-up training and assistance. A detailed operations and maintenance (O&M) manual was developed in both English and Spanish in both hard and electronic forms. The design capacity of the plant was 2.8 mgd and the extended aeration activated sludge process was used. Due to the high color level entering the plant from cotton dyeing operations, a unique anoxic treatment process was employed to decolorize azo-reactive dyes. This process proved to be extremely successful and significantly reduced operating cost for color removal. Chemical treatment was also included providing the capability to remove virtually all color prior to to discharge. The design also included a sludge thickener, recessed plate filter press for sludge dewatering, and an advance process control and monitoring system. Start-up training and on-going support using an internet based environmental management system were also provided.

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