Project Details

Project Name: Toxicity Reduction Evaluation
Country: USA
Description: The client operates a textile knit dyeing and finishing operation which uses high concentrations of caustic in the dyeing process. Indigo and sulfur dyes are principally used. Wastewater from the manufacturing facility is treated by flow equalization, pH neutralization, activated sludge treatment and sedimentation. Although compliance with limitations for conventional pollutants was achieved, the treated effluent demonstrated unacceptable levels of acute and chronic toxicity. As a result, studies were performed to determine the sources of toxicity and methods for reduction. Engineering/consultant services were provided to identify source(s) of toxicity and a plan of action for compliance with aquatic toxicity limitations. Services included an evaluation of the wastewater treatment plant, review of processes and wastewater generated, review of chemical usage, and a chronic Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE). The source(s) of toxicity were identified and plan of action to reduce the toxicity was implemented. The sources of toxicity were determined to be excessive alkalinity and total dissolved solids. Sulfuric acid was used to replace carbon dioxide for pH neutralization to improve alkalinity reduction. Reductions in total dissolved solids were accomplished by the installation of a caustic recovery system. This reduced the sodium hydroxide loading to the WWTP and the use of acid for pH neutralization. As a result of these actions, compliance with toxicity limits was achieved.

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