Project Details

Project Name: Water System Study
Country: None Listed
Description: A study of the client city's water system was conducted, a system map developed, and a report, giving the City guidance as to further system study and mapping which may ultimately lead to developing a computer model of the system was made. The water source was a surface water impoundment with a safe yield of 2 million gallons per day. Treatment was by rapid sand filtration. Storage was provided by five stand pipe-type tanks and one elevated tank. The distribution system has three pressure levels because of the hilly topography. The Treatment Plant is operated under Virginia Department of Health Operation Permit #XXX. It also has a VPDES discharge Permit #XXX from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for the backwash discharge to a nearby creek. The City produces about 1,730,000 gallons per day (GPD) and sells about 320,000 GPD to the County. Approximately 1,410,000 GPD is consumed by about 2000 City customers, for an average of about 700 GPD per service. About 1950 of these customers are single family residential units.

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