Project Details

Project Name: Toxicity Reduction Evaluation 2007
Country: None Listed
Description: A wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) experienced recent toxicity exceedences after work at the facility by the company have the treatment facility running at an optimum condition. The type and level of production chemicals used at the facility have been reviewed and chemical tests conducted. Although chemicals are present that could cause aquatic toxicity, they are not present in sufficient quatity to cause the level of toxicity seen. Chemical tests show very low concentrations of species present, again, none have been detected that could cause the toxicity seen. The exceedences seen are not continuous and the timing has not been tied to particular events at the facility. Since this is the case, it may be that the production sources of wastewater at the facility which are consistent in type and volume are not the cause of the toxicity and additional inputs to the wastewater system must be examined. The company reviewed such sources and examined their biological degradability through laboratory testing. In addition, it is possible that the toxicant of interest

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