Project Details

Project Name: Varied Mfg. Cost Saving studies
Country: USA
Description: This short term project focused on identification of cost savings projects and quantification of their potential impact. Six projects were identified as follows: (1) WWTP - An evaluation of cost saving opportunities in the areas of sewer usage charges, chemical treatment and engineering design changes was performed with a proposed savings of $1,000,000 (2) Fabric Quality Systems, Rework and Off -Quality - After collection of data, recommendations were developed and communicated to staff for short term cost reductions regarding accessibility of quality and process information, mapping of the post-weaving processes, and opportunities associated with fabric quality and measurement savings with a proposed savings of $2,000,000. (3) Indigo Dyeing Optimization - Information was analyzed using calibrated empirical models to check for potentially excessive use of dyes or auxiliaries. A 10% reduction in Indigo Dye usage was proposed with a savings of $250,000. This could also be applied to other chemicals. (4) Caustic Treatment Range Optimization  Laboratory experiments were performed to determine the impact of caustic pre-treatment, neutralization and washing on shade, hand and physicals of denims. The report included conclusions and specific recommendations for staged chemical reductions and/or process corrections with a proposed savings of $800,000. Follow-up meetings were also held with Cone Mills staff and executives on these activities. (5) Process Evaluation & Improvement Project: Stop-cause studies, assessments of tasking loads and assessments of waste were performed over a period of 4-6 days in the weaving area. Data analysis was performed and a report generated with identified opportunities. (6) Energy Assessment of Previous Survey: The current Energy Survey was reviewed with client and discussions to determine current Energy initiatives. Follow up meetings were held with client staff and executives.

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