Project Details

Project Name: Denim Dyeing and Finishing WWTP Design and Construction Administration
Country: Mexico
Description: A joint venture between two leading U.S. textile manufactures proposed to construct a wastewater treatment facility in Mexico to process combined discharges from separate dyeing and finishing facilities. One manufacturing facility would produce denim and the wastewater would consist primarily of dyes and auxiliaries associated with indigo and sulfur dyeing operations. The other would manufacture cotton and polyester blended fabric using reactive dyes. All wastewaters associated with scouring, dyeing, washing and finishing would be discharged to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Sanitary wastewater from each facility would also be discharged to the WWTP. The proposed WWTP would provide screening, disinfection, pH neutralization, equalization, biological treatment, and chemical coagulation. Sludge would be dewatered and disposed by land application. Water and wastewater requirements were estimated initially to be approximately 2.67 mgd with potential increase to 8.0 mgd as operations expand. A Basic Engineering Design Specifications Report was developed describing the critical construction and equipment requirements utilizing proven textile wastewater treatment processes. Basic specifications were provided for critical process components including manufacturer and model number. Design criteria were provided for unit operations including tank sizes and flow rates. Process control strategies were provided for unit operations including pH adjustment, disinfection, activated sludge return and wastage, nutrient feed, chemical coagulation, waste sludge conditioning and dewatering, and wastewater sampling. A complete functional description of an integrated monitoring and control system was provided as well as detailed instrumentation and data collection equipment specifications. A conceptual site plan and a conceptual hydraulic profile were provided showing layout of equipment and support facilities. Following approval by both firms, this information was presented to the construction company that was responsible for development of detailed engineering design drawings and specifications based on the design criteria presented. This company also managed bidding, contract award, and construction of the project. Design review and construction support was provided.

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