Project Details

Project Name: Dyeing and Finishing WWTP Design
Country: Mexico
Description: A leading textile manufacturer proposed to build manufacturing facilities near Mexico City. Three manufacturing divisions would jointly occupy the site and would operate individual facilities. Utilities, including water and wastewater treatment, would be constructed to support all operations. Water and wastewater requirements were estimated initially to be approximately 2.5 mgd with potential increase to 4.0 mgd as operations expand. A Basic Engineering Design Specifications Report was developed which outlined the critical construction and equipment requirements utilizing proven textile wastewater treatment processes. Basic specifications were provided for critical process components including manufacturer and model number. Design criteria were provided for unit operations including tank sizes and flow rates. Process control strategies were provided for unit operations including pH adjustment, disinfection, activated sludge return and wastage, nutrient feed, waste sludge conditioning and dewatering, and wastewater sampling. A complete functional description of an integrated monitoring and control system was provided as well as detailed instrumentation and data collection equipment specifications. A conceptual site plan and a conceptual hydraulic profile were provided showing layout of equipment and support facilities. Following approval by the client, this information was reviewed with Mexican engineering team members. Following their review and certification of the treatment process and design criteria, a Mexican project management and construction firm transferred information to a Mexican construction company for completion of detailed design, drawings, and specifications. The Mexican construction company was responsible for incorporating these Basic Engineering Design Specifications into the overall project design, specifications, and site plan. Design review, O&M Manual, start-up, and operational training was provided.

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