Project Details

Project Name: Impact Analysis for Color Discharge
Country: USA
Description: The client's revised discharge permit requires completion of a Color Study to determine the need for permit limits for ADMI color at a proposed new outfall. The analysis was based on historical color and flow data supplied by the client, and on the permit requirement that the relocated outfall be designed with a full-stream diffuser. The data submitted and other available information was analyzed to determine the In-stream Waste Concentration (IWC) for ADMI color under average and worst-case conditions. Based on the range of in-stream ADMI levels, projected assumptions about the effects of effluent color levels on receiving stream aesthetics was determined, and recommendations were made regarding the appropriateness of including color limits in the permit, and recommended limits were provided. In order to corroborate the recommendations provided based on IWC calculations, representative samples of both the receiving waters and the plant effluent were obtained. Dilutions were made based on information obtained in the IWC analysis, and the resultant samples were reviewed subjectively and objectively for color and hue considerations. The final report included a discussion of the points identified in the Draft Color Study Plan prepared by the SCTMA Color Committee. These points include color of the effluent and the stream, hue of the effluent and the stream, volume of effluent discharged, discharge configuration, stream flow characteristics, and downstream use.

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