Project Details

Project Name: Municipal WWTP Design Using SBR Technology
Country: Orange
Description: The client provided water and wastewater services to portions of the counties of Greene, Orange, and Madison in central Virginia. One of the treatment facilities is owned and operated by the authority and serves a subdivision, a planned community development in northeast Orange County. The development comprises approximately 2,400 current connections with 1,600 lots available for construction. In addition, a shopping center and commercial area at the entrance to Lake of the Woods is serviced by the facility. Engineering services were provided for the upgrade of the POTW facility. The POTW upgrade replaced an existing 0.25 MGD packaged treatment system with a 0.5 MGD sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The projected loading to the POTW is: BOD5 = 200 mg/l, TSS = 200 mg/l, TKN = 40 mg/l. The anticipated permit limits were BOD5 = 20 mg/l, TSS = 20 mg/l, Ammonia = 2.0 mg/l. The new system was sited to maximize the use of the existing facilities. An existing 750,000 gallon Emergency Storage Basin provides at least 24 hours storage capacity if normal operations are interrupted. The existing packaged treatment plant was converted to an aerobic digester. Existing sand drying beds were converted and expanded utilizing porous asphalt. Flat Run influent is pumped into two 275,000 gallon SBR basins on an alternating schedule, then gravity decanted into an 80,000 gallon post equalization basin, and continues through ultraviolet disinfection and post aeration before discharging into Flat Run. Waste Sludge is pumped into the digester, dewatered on the drying beds and hauled away for land application or landfill disposal. Chemical feed systems are provided for SBR and digester alkalinity adjustment and for digested sludge treatment prior to dewatering. The design incorporated an integrated monitoring and control system based on a PLC accessed via a graphical operator interface panel. Automatic sludge wasting is provided based on sludge age (SRT) process control concepts. Effluent equalization flow control is provided based on adaptive feed-forward concepts. A new Operations Building was provided which houses the electrical and control system, a lab, a restroom, an Operator's Office, a Chemical Storage and Feed System room, and a maintenance room.

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