Project Details

Project Name: Textile Wastewater Toxicity Evaluation
Country: USA
Description: This project involved the determination of the biodegradability and toxicity of the total influent to a WWTP and one component of that influent. This project involved the use of Ceriodaphnia dubia as the indicator species for the determination of the toxicity of all samples. The Zahn-Wellens Biodegradability, also called Inherent Biodegradability (OECD Method 302), was determined using a static batch reactor for both samples. The concentration of the influent component mimiced that historically found at the facility. This procedure measured the loss of chemical oxygen demand (COD) for the commercial product during degradation and also compared the toxicity of the samples before and after treatment. The study conclusively showed that the components of the influent other than those tested were the cause of the toxicity in the degraded influent sample.

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