Project Details

Project Name: Treatability Study
Country: USA
Description: Provided laboratory treatability studies on the use of hydrogen peroxide to destroy cyanide in chemical wastewater. The tests were completed on a client provided laboratory simulated effluent that was 350-400 mg/L of cyanide. The tests were conducted at peroxide concentrations of 500, 800, 1000, 2000 mg/L with and without a copper sulfate catalyst over two hours. The copper sulfate catalyst was used at a dosage of 25 mg/L as copper. The experiments showed that >93% reduction of cyanide could be achieved at 800 mg/L of hydrogen peroxide or at 500 mg/L of hydrogen peroxide with the copper sulfate. The use of additional hydrogen peroxide only showed no further reduction of cyanide levels above that found at 800 mg/L, while additional hydrogen peroxide showed sligltly lower cyanide removals (88-90%) in the presence of copper sulfate as compared to 500 mg/L. Although the experiments showed that the addition of copper sulfate was benificial at some concentrations, the range of cyanide found in the effluent makes the use of hydrogen peroxide without copper sulfate more practical for maximum removal. The optimal hydrogen to cyanide mass ration found in the study was 3.0.

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