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Project Name: Wastewater Treatment Plant Control System Upgrade
Country: N/A
Description: This client produces electronic components for the communication industry. Existing wastewater treatment facilities included a multi stage process consisting of surge basins, two neutralization stages, a flume and clarification. In addition, a parallel process was used for aqueous neutralization. The control system for this process was composed of a mixture of hard-wired devices such as pushbuttons, selector switches, annunciator lights and control valves and pneumatic instruments such as flow and level recorders and flow controllers. All control of the waste treatment process was done from the main control room in the plant; a series of consoles with digital indicators, trend charts, pilot lights and pushbuttons were utilized. The bulk of the system was manual or "open-loop" control. A log of the wastewater treatment operation was maintained by the operators by filling in process values at predetermined times of the day on several report sheets. The existing control system was outdated and difficult to maintain. Given the importance of this system in monitoring and controlling wastewater treatment operations, the client was interested in replacing this system with a more up to date system. A turnkey Design-Build solution was provided for this project, the objective of which was modernization of the existing wastewater treatment plant monitoring and control system. This included: system design; purchasing, configuring, and installing all computer hardware and enclosures; purchasing and installing field interface devices; and providing software development services associated with updating the existing waste treatment control system. Our services briefly summarized were as follows: 1) Provided engineering services for development of control system design, definition of new Modicon PLC hardware and development of control sequences/interlocks. This involved: a) development of preliminary process flow diagrams and operations sequences required for PLC logic development. b) development of I/O point definitions required for control logic and operator interface development. 2) Provided complete PLC control system configuration and implementation including development of PLC control logic for manual (open-loop) device control, system alarms, reporting calculations, full testing and startup assistance. 3) Provided operator interface system development to control and display the status of the wastewater treatment system, provided three daily printed reports, and provided full testing and start up assistance. 4) Provided two pre-wired PLC control panels ready for installation at the plant. 5) Provided and installed all instrumentation including I-to-P and P-to-I converters and other feedback devices required to interface the new PLC controls with the existing field devices. 6) Provided hardware and configuration for interface with existing factory pager system, E-mail system, and off-site main frame data archiving system. 7) Provided electrical installation including preparation of working electrical drawings and supervision of field installation. 8) Provided complete system documentation and technical training of operations personnel.

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