Project Details

Project Name: Groundwater Treatment System Design
Country: USA
Description: A Brewing Company operated a can making facility from 1976 through 1993 near Fulton, New York. In 1993 the can plant was sold to our client; however, the previous owner remained responsible for the environmental remediation of the site. Several areas of volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination have been identified in the groundwater at the site. The can plant was listed on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) list of inactive hazardous waste sites. A contract was awarded for designing, building, and operating, for a period of five years, a groundwater collection and treatment facility at the Can Plant site. The system involved the installation of thirteen wells, collection piping, flow metering and flow control, a soil vapor extraction system with granulated activated carbon (GAC) vapor filtration, oil-water separation for the groundwater followed by pre-filtration, sequestering agent addition, air stripping, and granulated activated carbon (GAC) liquid filtration. Engineering services were provided for the instrumentation, controls, electrical, and mechanical design portion of the groundwater collection and treatment system. The facility is monitored and controlled by an integrated PLC-based system with automatic multi-channel phone dialer for off-site alarm notification. Each of the thirteen well pumps is driven by its own variable frequency drive (VFD) located in a local panel which receives its control signal from the PLC resident in a main control panel in the treatment building. The level in each well is controlled relative to an operator selected set-point via a PID loop control algorithm in the PLC. The flow rate of each well is measured by a dedicated mag meter for each well and communicated to the PLC for central data collection and report generation. Remote communication from the PLC to each well panel is via distributed LAN using the "block I/O" concept. All major unit processes are controlled by distributed control panels which are in turn monitored/alarmed and their operational sequence interlocked by the PLC.

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