Project Details

Project Name: Phenol Source Assessment
Country: USA
Description: A major denim textile manufacturer has a facility that discharges treated wastewater to a large river system in North Carolina, via a NPDES permit. The permit contains a phenols limit. This parameter is usually found in minimum quantities above quantitation limits. A sample showed an elevated level in the effluent. Although this outliner could have been the result of contamination or laboratory error, a review of chemical containing products in the facility was conducted to determine the presence of phenols in newly introduced products, new formulations, or products with increased use. Also, operations of the facility at the time of the outliner were reviewed to determine if an unusual activity occurred that may have caused a phenol spike in the effluent. This work involved the review of all of the facilities MSDSs, inventories, and drum labels present in the facility. Also, manufacturers (suppliers) were contacted for updated information and assistance. An inventory of phenol sources was compiled and a report was prepared.

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