Project Details

Project Name: Ultrafiltration Treatment System Design for Wastewater Reuse
Country: USA
Description: The client's Virginia facility discharges various wastewater streams to the local POTW. One of the wastewater streams, the P-16 bonderizer discharge, had been identified as the source of occasional exceedances of permit limits. Laboratory evaluations indicated that the chemical precipitation followed by ultrafiltration would improve the quality of the discharge. An ultrafiltration treatment system was designed for the P-16 Bonderizer wastestream. Design drawings and specifications for the installation of the treatment system were prepared. The system was based on the design concept of 'zero discharge' as developed jointly by the client's personnel and ours. The design concept was that on a daily basis, the 800 gallon volume ('dirty' wastewater) of the stage IV of the Bonderizer would be transferred to a 1200 gallon holding tank. The 'dirty' wastewater would be pH adjusted to precipitate metals. The 'dirty' wastewater would then be treated using a 1000 gallon per day capacity portable ultrafiltration unit, and the treated wastewater would be transferred to a 1200 gallon 'clean' water storage tank. The 'clean' water would then be returned to the 800 gallon stage IV tank on a daily basis after the 'dirty' water was transferred out. The concentrate from the ultrafiltration unit would also then be returned to the 'dirty' water tank. Sludge from the precipitation step would periodically be removed from the 'dirty' water tank and combined with the paint sludge for drying and ultimate disposal as a non-hazardous waste.

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