Project Details

Project Name: Biodegradable Metals Determination for Dyeing and Finishing Effluent
Country: None Listed
Description: The client is a major manufacturer of textile fabrics and yarns. During dyeing processes for these materials, dyes containing metals such as copper and chromium are used. The metals contained in these dyes are complexed and are stable in the environment. In their complex form, they do not exhibit toxicity to aquatic life. However, water quality standards require that metals present in discharges to receiving streams be regulated on the presumption that all forms of metals present are toxic and bioavailable. Studies performed had demonstrated most of the metals present are not toxic to aquatic life and should not be regulated. One of the client's manufacturing sites operates a wastewater treatment plant with direct discharge and holds a NPDES permit. Performed laboratory analyses of the effluent to determine the fraction of metals in the effluent which was potentially bioavailable.

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