Project Details

Project Name: Evaluation of Chlorination for Color Removal for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Plant
Country: USA
Description: The client operates a yarn dyeing and finishing facility which discharges untreated wastewater to the publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Yarns are made of cotton and polyester materials. The effluent from dyeing operations contains relatively high concentrations of salt, color, chemical oxygen demand and copper. The POTW provides extended aeration activated sludge treatment and discharges to surface water. Although biological treatment produces an acceptable discharge with respect to conventional pollutants and had not demonstrated toxicity to aquatic life, the discharge was highly colored. Due to the high proportion of POTW discharge to surface water flow, very little dilution is experienced and color levels are visually detectable. While color levels currently meet permit requirements, the client, in anticipation of stricter guidelines, considered enhancements to the POTW treatment system to further reduce color. One option under consideration was the expansion of the existing chlorination system. In order to assess the feasibility of this option, treatability testing was performed to determine the optimal chlorine dosage and, in addition, to identify by-products of the chlorination process to determine if increased chlorination may adversely impact aquatic toxicity levels.

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