Project Details

Project Name: Water Collection and Diversion System
Country: USA
Description: A major manufactuer of large cooling and heating equipment has a manufacturing facility in Virginia. The facility previously had a VPDES permit that contained a requirement to conduct a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE). The TRE that was implemented eliminated the toxicity in the effluent by rerouting discharges such that only stormwater was discharged through outfall 001. After the TRE was completed and the VPDES permit was not renewed, modifications were made to the engineering laboratory such that floor drains were inadvertently connected to the stormwater sewer system. The discharge into the floor drains was once through cooling water. As part of their utilities conservation efforts, the client wanted to recover the cooling water for reuse. Prepared design drawings for a cooling water collection and diversion system at their Virginia facility. Provided the following services: reviewed drawings of various sewer systems; and water recovery systems; verified dimensions of existing structures; prepared drawings and specifications for a system to collect and divert the cooling water that is discharged from the floor drain system in the engineering laboratories. The design was based on a gravity system to reduce capital and operating costs.

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