Project Details

Project Name: Recovery /Treatment System
Country: USA
Description: From 1976 through 1993, the client, a leading beer brewing company, operated a cannery in the state of New York. In November 1993, the cannery was sold; the brewing company retaining responsibility for environmental contamination identified on the property. Several sources of contamination were identified during site investigations associated with the sale. VOC contamination had been previously identified in 1988 in a municipal well system located on adjacent property and a remedial groundwater recovery and treatment system was installed. Due to recurring concentrations of contaminants in the municipal wells, a comprehensive remedial investigation/feasibility study was conducted. The study selected a treatment system consisting of soil vapor extraction as well as groundwater collection and treatment incorporating hydraulic control of the groundwater contaminant plume with discharge of treated effluent to a surface water body. The treatment system selected included: oil-water separation, influent equalization, silt filtration, air-stripping, activated carbon absorption for liquid and vapor phase streams, and an integrated PLC-based monitoring and control system. The system was proposed to state environmental regulators and was approved in July 1995. Performed the Instrumentation and Controls, Electrical, and Mechanical portions of the design. Highlights of the design included: individual electronic variable frequency drives (VFD,s) on the thirteen recovery wells for closed-loop flow/level control, and six dedicated soil vapor re-injection wells.

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