Project Details

Project Name: Provided Drainfield Designs
Country: Nelson
Description: County Middle School, was built in about 1959 with a septic tank, dosing siphon, and circular sand filter. The effluent discharged to a dry channel tributary to the Tye River. The VPDES Permit was revised in 1994 with new requirements for chlorination, dechlorination, aeration, and ammonia limits. The client advertised for engineering services to upgrade their sewage treatment plant. It was advised to them to consider a subsurface drainfield in order to eliminate the VPDES Permit and the long term operating costs of a sewage treatment plant. Performed soils tests which indicated that a drainfield system was feasible. In conjunction with the local Health Department Sanitarian, identified potential drainfield sites and at the request of the local Sanitarian, performed percolation tests to define the actual percolation for drainfield design purposes. Requested a variance form the Virginia Health Department's Sewage Disposal Regulations because the actual water use records indicated 5.8 gallons per student per day, rather than the 10 GPSPD recommended in the Regulations. VDH has tentatively agreed to 8.5 GPSPD as the design rate. The system is designed for a maximum school population of 529 students. Current enrollment is 370 students. The drainfield system consists of a conventional gravity system with septic tank capacity for two days of design flow, four drainfields with alternating siphons to dose the drainfields at a rate of no greater than 1200 gallons per acre, and 100% reserve areas with ample separation. The Project saves the School System large amounts of capital and operating expenses.

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