Project Details

Project Name: Mixing Zone Study
Country: USA
Description: A major textile manufacturer operates a facility in Virginia that discharges final effluent from their wastewater treatment plant into the Banister River. The facility was issued a whole effluent acute toxicity limit in the most recent NPDES permit for their wastewater plant and a compliance schedule for accomplishing a TRE which attempted to reduce the acute toxicity in the effluent to the effluent limitation of the permit. In recent discussions with the permit writer, the industry was advised that they may want to consider the option of a regulatory mixing zone and an effluent diffuser for meeting the WET limit in the river. Developed and implemented a work plan directed at establishing the current mixing zone characteristics, and developed the necessary arrangement for a suitable diffuser which established an acceptable mixing zone under the water quality regulations. The work plan included: field measurement and survey of the existing mixing zone; construction of a suitable mixing zone model to represent discharge conditions; definition of a suitable diffuser arrangement; and Draft and Final Reports of the field and computational work with final recommendations.

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