Project Details

Project Name: Evaluation of the Existing Treatment Facilities
Country: None Listed
Description: The client operates a food processing facility producing frozen dinners and other frozen food products. As a result of food preparation, high organic loadings were discharged. Of significant concern was oil and grease (O&G). Pretreatment facilities are operated to reduce organics, O&G and solids, to acceptable levels prior to discharge to the publically owned treatment works (POTW). However, due to increases in production and changes in manufacturing processes, concerns were raised regarding treatment efficiency. The project provided an evaluation of the existing treatment facilities with recommendations for improvements. Pretreatment facilities included: equalization, pH neutralization, dissolved air flotation (DAF), stabilization lagoons and activated sludge treatment. The evaluation determined that improved organics and O&G removals could be achieved by optimizing chemical treatment prior to DAF. In addition, limitations were identified with the activated sludge process and recommendations were provided for improvement.

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