Project Details

Project Name: Municipal WWTP Upgrade Design
Country: USA
Description: The client manufactures fabrics used primarily for lingerie, undergarments and ladies apparel. Fabrics are generally made of nylon, rayon and other synthetic materials. Wastewaters from dyeing and finishing operations are discharged to the publicly owned treatment works and are treated using extended aeration activated sludge. Flows from the textile operation constitutes around 90 percent of the total flow to the POTW. Thus, while the treatment facilities are owned and operated by the municipal works, the wastewater characteristics are primarily textile. The city commissioned their engineering to develop design and specifications for renovating and upgrading the wastewater treatment plant. Provided overall design criteria for the renovations and provided oversights during the design on behalf of the textile client. Provided a preliminary engineering report outlining current and projected needs for the textile industry and issued that report to the city's consultants. During the design process, consulted with the city's consultant to assure that the design properly addressed textile issues and provided a final review of design drawings and specifications on the client's behalf.

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