Project Details

Project Name: Reimbursement Reports
Country: USA
Description: As per the requirements of the Virginia Underground Storage Tank Regulations, the client, a major brand soft drink bottler had conducted numerous activities associated with a release from a former underground storage tank located on previously owned property in Charlottesville. The Commonwealth of Virginia has established a Fund that can be used to reimburse owners for cost associated with the clean up of releases from underground storage tanks. If less than 600,000 gallons was pumped through all the tanks owned by the client in Virginia the year prior to the reported release, it may be possible to request reimbursement for costs greater than $5000. Since not all costs are reimbursable, DEQ has recently issued new procedures for requesting reimbursement from the Fund. Provided assistance in preparing the reimbursement requests for the Site Characterization Report (SCR), Site Characterization Report (SCR) Addendum, and Post-Site Characterization Monitoring phases.

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