Project Details

Project Name: Evalution of Ultrafiltration for Water Reuse
Country: USA
Description: A major manufactuer of large cooling and heating equipment has a manufacturing facility in Virginia. Several of the manucturing process steps result in batch discharges to the sanitary sewer. Analyses of the discharges indicated that certain parameters had the potential to exceed the pretreatment permit. A "closed loop" water recirculation system for two test tanks in one of the production areas had been designed. Information obtained from the client at the time of the design indicated that some oil would be present as a free layer, therefore a skimmer was included in the design. However after start up of the system, the oil now appeared to be in a colloidal state such that the water was cloudy. This prevented the observation of bubbles during testing. As such the system was being operated on 100% make-up resulting in excessive discharges to the sanitary sewer. Laboratory treatability studies were conducted to define treatment process requirements and to provide recommendations for facility modifications. The conclusions and recommendations of the studies were that ultrafiltration appeared to be a viable alternative for treatment of each of the waste streams tested and that on-site pilot testing should be conducted to determine: effective membranes, required flow rates, required operating pressures, treatment efficiencies, equipment costs and concentration factors. Therefore, pilot scale testing was conducted. A test method was developed for the water in the test tanks so that a standard of acceptable/unacceptable water could be established, and arranged for the rental of a Romi-Kon 300 ultrafiltration unit. Also coordinated the installation and start-up of the ultrafiltration unit as well as conducting on-site testing, data collection, sampling and analyses at six locations and then prepared and issued a report that summarized the pilot testing.

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