Project Details

Project Name: Substance Assessment
Country: USA
Description: The client requested that Radon, Hazardous Substances, and Petroleum Product Assessments be conducted at an apartment complex. Short-term radon tests were conducted using twenty-seven activated charcoal canisters (ACC) and two continuous radon monitors (CRM), to conduct the test under closed-house conditions. Of the twenty-four buildings tested, six revealed radon levels above the USEPA recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/l. While the above concentrations were not alarmingly high, they were cause for further attention. The assessment of hazardous substances and petroleum products was made in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527 Sections and for the Visual or Physically Observed Hazardous Substances and Petroleum Products in the Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments. The site inspection was conducted to determine if there is any evidence of hazardous substances or petroleum products on the site. The property was visually and physically inspected by viewing it from private and public roadways. The chemicals observed during the inspection were listed by location. All were common products normally found and used for building maintenance. Other than the chemical storage areas, there appeared to be no indications of hazardous substances or petroleum products not related to normal operations.

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