Project Details

Project Name: Preliminary Engineering Report for Soft Drink Bottling Facility
Country: USA
Description: The client operates a bottling facility which discharges to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). The discharge contains high concentrations of corn syrup used in soft drink manufacturing. The total flow for the facility is around 12,000 gallons per day and has a biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand of approximately 2500 mg/l and 5,000 mg/l respectively. Due to increase loadings on the POTW, BOD concentrations in the discharge were required to be reduced to 250 mg/l. A preliminary engineering report was provided that evaluated treatment alternatives and design recommendations. Alternates evaluated included aerobic biological treatment, anaerobic treatment, biological filters and reverse osmosis. Aerobic biological treatment was selected as the most reliable and effective method of treatment and recommendations for the construction of a sequencing batch reactor were provided.

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