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Project Name: Evaluation of Dyebath Recovery Alternatives
Country: USA
Description: The client manufactures cotton and polyblended fabrics primarily used for athletic wear. Dyeing of these fabrics requires the use of reactive dyes and high concentrations of salt. Salts have been demonstrated to produce toxicity in wastewater discharges from dyeing facilities and methods of reducing the salt content are being evaluated. Treatment and removal of salts in wastewater effluent is not feasible due to the high cost associated with appropriate treatment technologies. Thus, methods of minimizing the use of salt, substituting low salt demanding chemicals and recovery of salt are of interest. Methods of recovery include the separating of dyebath and rinse waters for subsequent treatment to decolorize so that the treated water which contains high concentrations of salts can be reused directly into the dyebath. Laboratory studies have been performed to evaluate two methods of dyebath decolorization and reuse of treated waters. These methods are ozonation and membrane filtration. Pilot scale trials to evaluate these two treatment alternatives were performed. Combinations of ozone treatment and membrane treatment were pilot tested. Ozone was used for color removal. Sequential membrane process were used to separate large organic compounds such as dyes, separate salts, and recover water for reuse. The reuse of salts was evaluated. Membrane processes evaluated included ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and electrodialysis. Services provided included: development of testing protocols, assistance in field implementation of equipment and procedures, operational assistance, monitoring of data collection, data evaluation, and production of a final report. Based on the results, the reduction in effluent salt concentrations and effluent toxicity was projected and recommendations for full scale implementation were provided. During the study, laboratory testing services for total dissolve solids, conductivity, color, chemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids were provided.

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