Project Details

Project Name: Legal Consultation
Country: USA
Description: The client operates a yarn dyeing and finishing facility which discharges to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Yarns are made of cotton and polyester materials. The effluent from dyeing operations contains relatively high concentrations of salt, color, chemical oxygen demand and copper. Textile discharges to the POTW, including this discharge, constitute seventy percent of the total flow. As a result of textile discharges, the POTW effluent is highly colored and contains relatively high concentrations of copper and salt. The POTW effluent also exhibits chronic toxicity. The textile industries have contributed significant funding to the POTW for upgrade to address operational deficiencies and to install chlorination and dechlorination facilities for color reduction in the effluent. These improvements have resulted in reductions of color and aquatic toxicity. In spite of these improvements, a legal suit has been filed alleging that the discharge from the POTW constitutes a "nuisance" to adjoining property owners. Retained to provide expert testimony regarding the actions previously taken by the textile client and the environmental impact and fate of the wastewater.

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