Project Details

Project Name: Phase I ESA and PAR
Country: None Listed
Description: Conducted and prepared a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Physical Assessment Report (PAR) on an anticipated hotel complex acquisition in CT for a national hotel chain. The Phase I ESA essentially followed the guidelines established in the ASTM standard for phase 1 assessments. Obtained information on the property by conducting the following types of activities: reviewing public records; interviewing present and previous owners and/or occupiers of the land; interviewing public officials; interviewing adjacent landowners. Personnel visited the site and investigated both improved and unimproved areas for evidence of past or present activities or conditions that could indicate a risk or potential risk of environmental impairment liability. As per the ASTM Standard no sampling was included in the scope of services of the Phase 1 ESA. Prepared and submitted a report that summarized the Phase 1 ESA. The physical assessment report was prepared by visiting the site and inspecting the following areas: structural system; building envelope; HVAC/Electrical/ Plumbing systems; fire protection system; common areas for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance; a sampling of individual rooms. Prepared and submitted a report that summarized the PAR.

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