Project Details

Project Name: Swift Permit Modification
Country: None Listed
Description: A major denim textile manufacturer has a facility that discharges treated wastewater to a river in North Carolina, via a NPDES permit. The permit contains a TUa limit. The client evaluated the feasibility of modifying the permit to replace the TUa limit with a TUc limit. NCDEHNR has guidance applicable to such permit modifications that requires that a benthos survey be conducted. In addition, the local POTW's discharge was located a short distance upstream from the client's discharge. As such, there was a concern that if the survey indicated an impact within the zone of impact of client's discharge there would be an issue as to whether the impact was caused by client's discharge or the POTW's discharge. Was retained by client's outside legal counsel to provide technical assistance in evaluating the feasibility of modifying the permit for client's North Carolina facility. Contracted with a DEM certified laboratory to conduct benthic macroinvertebrate (benthos) surveys in surface waters above and below the client's discharge and the City's discharge as per the DEM guidance, including preparation of the proposed study plan. Based on the results of the surveys a permit modification was prepared and submitted to DEM.

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