Project Details

Project Name: Provided IAQ Assessment
Country: USA
Description: Provided an IAQ assessment for the client where building occupants had complained of headaches, smells, and respiratory problems. The survey included air constituent and air contaminant monitoring. The survey was conducted at various times during the week and under various conditions of weather and activities. Also, inspections of the HVAC systems were conducted to identify any buildup from dust, mold, or mildew and to identify possible malfunctions in the systems. The survey concluded that no air contaminants were outside recommended EPA/OSHA/NIOSH limits. Several room HVAC units were found to be malfunctioning in such a way as to limit the fresh air intake of the systems producing elevated carbon dioxide levels. Several rooms had also been divided without consideration for air flow. Recommendations included a full maintenance check of HVAC systems including returns and exhausts, balancing of temperature between rooms sharing an HVAC system and reporting of testing results to the building occupants. Two further recommendations included the correction of air flow in divided rooms and the discontinuation of photographic classes without adequate ventilation due to the chemicals involved.

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