Project Details

Project Name: IAQ Assessment
Country: USA
Description: Provided an IAQ assessment of an business office located in a municipal parking garage. The assessment included air constituent and air contaminant monitoring. The office was serviced by an HVAC system for all of the parking garage. All air contaminants were within recommended EPA/OSHA/NIOSH limits. Carbon dioxide levels were up to four times outside levels. The maximum level measured was 1200 ppm. In addition, bacterial and fungal contaminations were found in AC drip pans where water had collected and no regular maintenance was conducted. Recommendations included a maintenance schedule for HVAC returns and exhausts, the addition of a separate or upgraded HVAC system, the use of alternate air dampers to increase occupant comfort levels, the implementation of a regular maintenance schedule for room AC units including the addition of biocide, and reporting of testing results to the building occupants. An additional recommendation made was to conduct a thorough carpet cleaning in the lobby area of the office where complaints about odors were the result of a combination of high traffic and water tracked in by patrons.

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