Project Details

Project Name: Provided an IAQ Assessment
Country: USA
Description: Provided an IAQ assessment of one floor of a building comprised of office areas. The assessment included air constituent, air contaminant, and biologics monitoring. Also, an inspections of the HVAC system was conducted to identify any buildup from dust, mold, or mildew and to identify possible malfunctions in the systems. No air constituents or air contaminants were outside recommended EPA/OSHA/NIOSH limits, but fresh air intakes were found to be closed during the assessment and carbon dioxide levels were at the maximum recommended level. Tests were also completed for asbestos with negative results. Bulk fungal and bacterial testing showed minimum levels as did particulate sampling. Recommendations included a maintenance schedule for HVAC returns and exhausts, increasing the fresh air intake, and reporting of testing results to the building occupants. In addition, it was recommended that the use of an ammonia based copier should be moved away from areas of high occupation.

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