Project Details

Project Name: IAQ Assessment
Country: USA
Description: Provided an IAQ assessment of a local middle school where building occupants had complained of headaches and respiratory problems. These problems followed an incident where a student had released the contents of a fire extinguisher in a classroom hallway. The survey included air constituent, and air contaminant measurements. The survey concluded that no air constituents or air contaminants were outside recommended EPA/OSHA/NIOSH limits. Measurements were taken for carbon dioxide, oxygen, ammonia, amines, and general organics. No detectable levels were found. Amines and ammonia tests were conducted based on a review of the Material Safety Data Sheet for the extinguisher material used. Recommendations included a full cleaning of the infected area with water only, a check of the ventilation shafts in the area to insure no extinguisher material was sprayed in the HVAC system, and reporting of testing results to the building occupants including the fact that the active ingredient in the extinguisher could be used in food products. No further problems have been reported to maintenance officials.

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