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Project Name: Process Hazard Analysis
Country: None Listed
Description: The client's personnel division determined that the use of ammonia, chlorine, and sulfur dioxide at the local wastewater treatment plant and chlorine at the filter plant required compliance with the OSHA Standard for Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (XX CFR XXXX.XXX). The regulations require that a process hazard analysis be conducted. Provided the following services: reviewed drawings, O&M manuals, MSDS, emergency response plans, etc. for the wastewater treatment and water filtration processes; visited the site and worked with plant personnel to evaluate the hazards of the processes using "What-if" checklist methodology; as per the requirements of XX CFR XXXX.XXX, the process hazard analysis addressed: the hazards of the process; the identification of any previous incident which had a likely potential for catastrophic consequences in the workplace; engineering and administrative controls applicable to the hazards and their interrelationships such as appropriate application of detection methodologies to provide early warning of releases; consequences of failure of engineering and administrative controls; facility siting; human factors; and a qualitative evaluation of a range of possible safety and health effects of failure of controls on employees in the workplace. A report was prepared that summarized the process hazard analyses and that contained the findings and recommendations of the team.

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