Project Details

Project Name: TRE Compliance
Country: USA
Description: As per the requirements of the VPDES permit for this client's Virginia facility, a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE) Plan had been implemented. A considerable amount of work, including a TIE, had been completed, however compliance with the acute aquatic toxicity permit limit had not been achieved. Therefore, provided engineering/consultant services to conduct a review of the TRE Plan Implementation for the Virginia facility and develop a plan of action. Reviewed data that has been collected since the start-up of the Swatch Room effluent treatment system and utilized the previously developed plan of action to prepare a revised TRE compliance schedule, identifying options that could be pursued with corresponding estimated times to complete for presentation to DEQ. Met with the client and DEQ personnel to review the schedule and obtain guidance from DEQ as to the likelihood of obtaining an extension to the TRE schedule and/or a modification to the permit. Based on the meeting with DEQ, provided assistance in preparing the submittal to DEQ to request an extension to the TRE schedule and/or a modification to the permit. Conducted an in-depth evaluation of the wastewater treatment facility to determine if the existing system was operating optimally. The evaluation included: a site visit to review the operation of the treatment plant; a review of historical operating data; laboratory treatability studies to assess the feasibility of improving the reduction in aquatic toxicity across the plant; laboratory treatability studies to assess whether chlorination of the final effluent is contributing to toxicity; issuance of a final report detailing methods used, results, conclusions and recommendations.

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