Project Details

Project Name: TRE Plan & Implementation Schedule
Country: None Listed
Description: Provided assistance with the development of a Special Order by Consent (SOC) to be submitted to NC DEHNR for approval. Based on the compliance issues at the site, the SOC was essentially a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE) Plan and Implementation Schedule. The TRE Plan and Implementation Schedule was developed in accordance with the EPA document Generalized Methodology for Conducting Industrial Toxicity Reduction Evaluations (TREs). The goals and objectives of the Toxicity Reduction Evaluation were as follows: evaluate, investigate, and analyze the characteristics and components of the discharge to determine the causes and sources of toxicity; modify, substitute, treat, or eliminate the causes and/or sources of toxicity; conduct testing and analyses as required to confirm that the measures taken have been effective and that the effluent is not considered toxic as per the regulations. Assisted in implementing this Plan.

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